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Brad has been an invaluable member of our team, for both overall strategy and development of our product and technology.
— David Mandel Co-founder & Chairman, Change My Path
....Brad was very professional and knowledgeable about marketing this specific kind of campaign. With his help, we were able to achieve over one million dollars in reservations within the first two weeks of our campaign launch. I highly vouch for and recommend him for his knowledge and experience in the field.
— Andrew Yakub CEO, Rayton Solar

Brad is one of the most experienced individuals that I have ever worked with when it comes to creating brand awareness and running online marketing campaigns. He has an incredible ability to know which networks are providing the best ROI at that time that result in the best reach for the client. I would recommend him for anyone looking to run the most effective marketing campaigns using the most up-to-date online tools
— Adrian James Founder, Stockwire Research Group
Brad displays a great aptitude in understanding what the clients’ needs are. He is proactive, pays close attention and meets all requests. As an entrepreneur, he naturally rises to the occasion when presented with something he is passionate about.
— Robert James President, Robert James Clinic

Brad Yasar is knowledgeable about the crowdfunding space and the marketing efforts needed for a successful campaign. He takes pride in the quality of work and his excellent work ethic results in very good outcomes...
— Arie Trouw CEO & Founder, Ength Degree